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If your marketing isn't fun, you're doing it wrong.

I've been managing content marketing for businesses my entire adult life, and the one thing I hear time and time again from high-end business owners and freelance freedom riders alike?

"Marketing stresses me out!"

It's why I have a job, actually. No one likes doing this stuff! Posting, writing, and sharing when you don't know what you're doing or why you're doing it feels fake, exhausting, and complicated.

And while I'm glad to be employed...

that whole mentality breaks my heart.

Marketing -- good marketing -- should be a blast! It should exercise your creative muscles and your authenticity.

When you do that, not only is marketing fun -- it's effective! 

But I want you to be able to do that, too, whether or not you can afford to hire a full-time marketing consultant. 

You are already an expert at being you. And guess what?

You already are creative.

Yes, you are.

You have everything in your arsenal to create your own incredible, sustainable, profitable marketing plan. 

You've heard that 'content is king'? Well, it's truer than ever these days, and I'm here to tell you why that's not just good --  that's freeing.

Make a resolution today that 1) You know you'll be able to keep, & 2) Could quite possibly revolutionize your business. Get your content marketing on track -- in just one, day-long seminar. 

We'll cover blogging, SEO, social media, paid ads, making videos, and more. Most importantly, we'll explore how being true to yourself and your brand is really the best, most profitable way to connect with your customers.

In just one cozy Saturday, from the comfort of your own living room, you'll develop a sustainable, effective marketing plan that you'll be excited to implement and will position you for your best year of marketing yet! 

Plus, you'll get access to an exclusive Facebook community of fellow entrepreneurs -- for life. You'll be able to ask questions all along your marketing journey, well after you've completed the seminar. You'll have a whole platform of resources, a team of people at your back to support you and bounce ideas off of as you grow and develop, year after year.

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Who am I, anyway? I am Heather Rose Walters, a writer who has specialized in content marketing for small businesses for over six years. When I'm not editing books or writing blogs for my clients, I write about business & marketing strategies for the entrepreneurial HER magazine

To put it simply, I know all about good stories. More importantly, I know why a good story is really important to your business. 

I use that expertise to coach business owners on their marketing plans, and my clients regularly see massive growth in their social media following, web traffic, and overall sales. My own blog has over half a million views. A good story is where it's at, folks. And trust me -- you've already got one waiting to be told.